I should think a Syrian would go wild with apartment window bird feeder by petzuna ecstacy when such a picture bursts upon him for the first time. We have given the pilgrims a good many examples that might benefit them, but it is virtue thrown away. They have never heard a cross word out of our lips toward each other—but they have quarreled once or twice. We love to hear them at it, after they have been lecturing us. The very first thing they did, coming ashore at Beirout, was to quarrel in the boat.

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  • A collaborative project between BirdLife South Africa and the South African Earth Observation Network , the AS@S is also supported by the DEA’s Oceans and Coasts branch, which makes valuable sea time available to bird observers on its research cruises.
  • If you don’t have plenty of room for them… it could be quite annoying, I’m sure.
  • Also well done to team A Bowl of Corncrakes, who managed to equal the team record of 325 species set by Zonke Inyoni in 2006.
  • As well as giving exposure to conservation organisations, the Wagtail Festival is an excellent platform for introducing birding- and nature-focused businesses to the KwaZulu-Natal market.
  • You just may see more of them in the early morning or late afternoon.
  • How do you suppose he liked the state of things that has given the world so much pleasure?

However, while these successes are cause for celebration, there is still much more to do. Other fleets are still recording bycatch, so research still needs to be done aboard these vessels and existing mitigation measures need to be adapted. Advocacy work is required to implement the mitigation measures and, more importantly, to ensure that they are complied with at sea. Achieving the Albatross Task Force’s long-term goal of reducing the threat of bycatch across all South African fishing fleets thus requires sustainable sources of funding. Our ATF leader, Andrea Angel, is busy with various bycatch mitigation projects, including an exciting collaboration to test the efficacy of an electronic compliance device that can indicate whether a bird-scaring line is deployed. Ernst is a social scientist, top birder and IT guru and his current responsibility is the Spatial Planning and Data Management Project.

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However, he has paid us back, partly, without knowing it. He came to the hotel this morning to ask if we were up, and he endeavored as well as he could to describe us, so that the landlord would know which persons he meant. He finished with the casual remark that we were lunatics. The observation was so innocent and so honest that it amounted to a very good thing for a guide to say. In this place I may as well jot down a chapter concerning those necessary nuisances, European guides. Many a man has wished in his heart he could do without his guide; but knowing he could not, has wished he could get some amusement out of him as a remuneration for the affliction of his society.

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The workshop provided hands-on training for the Google Earth Engine platform and was intended for students, GIS specialists, remote sensing specialists, academics and others working on Earth Engine projects. During the course of it I took the opportunity to engage with many of these fellow attendees. I also learned GIS and some basic R skills, which will be fundamental to work relating to renewable energy and conservation modelling projects. Thursday, 25 July saw the annual Owl Awards being presented in the beautiful indigenous garden of Isdell House.

Our guinea fowl were raised from keets with chicks. When we added the young birds- both guinea and chicken- to our mature flock the usual fight for top bird began. 6 months later- half our chickens were missing their tail and back feathers. When you have new additions there will always be a period adjustment while they figure out the new order. And if you thought this was a tough process to watch with chickens, you will be amazed with guineas- these guys are mean! The guinea fowl figured out their own pecking order eventually but be prepared for a longer adjustment if you have other birds as well.

The White-winged Flufftail is Critically Endangered and one of the rarest birds in the world. The destruction and degradation of its high-altitude grassland habitat have made its survival in the wild uncertain. Through the use of a novel survey method, BirdLife South Africa’s research team recently discovered that this flufftail breeds in South Africa, contradicting the previously held belief that it is a non-breeding visitor to South African wetlands.

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Among those present were BirdLife South Africa , Middelpunt Wetland Trust, Dullstroom Trout Farm and the Mpumalanga Tourism Parks Agency. As countries come together to identify and map KBAs nationally, a blueprint is being developed to conserve nature in an actionable manner. KBAs will go a long way towards ensuring that we protect our species and ecosystems as we focus on developing the next 10-year strategy to conserve nature. Congratulations go to Patricia Lehle, who won our annual Conservation League lucky draw and is now the proud owner of a pair of ZEISS Conquest HD 10×42 binoculars!

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Some aspects of our work, like harbour visits and monitoring the efficacy of seabird bycatch mitigation measures by ATF project manager Reason Nyengera, have been put on hold. The production of our bird-scaring lines has also been paused due to the temporary closure of operations by our partners at the Ocean View Association for Persons with Disabilities, who manufacture the lines. We have informed many of the fishing vessel managers that we are available to support them remotely if they experience difficulties in deploying or maintaining their bird-scaring lines, so that we can continue to mitigate against seabird bycatch.



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